• Fourteen different statistical tables published each Monday morning, including ratings, for events across 13 different Tours (link)

    • These tables are customisable - this allows the user to re-calibrate the various tables so that they display up 15 weeks (or 15 years for the course form tables) of data rather than standard 8 weeks / 5 years. The scoring averages and ranks are recalculated with each change in the sample period.

    • Each player has a one-page summary of performances (scoring, statistical and strokes gained) over the past six months and performances on that week's course and country/U.S. State since 1996.

    • Generate your own stats - this feature allows the user to generate their own set of stats for any event and for any set of players.


  • In-running statistical analysis for each player according to 35 different statistical categories updated at the end of each round for every PGA and European Tour event (link)

    • These are updated hourly on both the PGA and the European Tours and provide highly detailed information on how each player is performing and so is useful for in-running and daily fantasy golf markets.

    • There is also detailed data on hole averages for both single- and multiple-course events, and a breakdown of scoring patterns in the morning and afternoon sessions in the first two rounds of each event.

  • Customisable statistical categories (up to 37 in total) for all 13 Tours covered on this site (link)

    • When the golf Tours publish this data on their official web sites, it is available only on a season-only basis - this means that the data is of limited use in the first few months of the season - and only full Tour members are included in these stats categories. On Tour-Tips, the user can select '12 months', '6 months', '3 months' or 'calendar year' as the sample period and the stats categories includes all players who have competed a minimum number of rounds over that period.

  • An individual profile page for thousands of players across all 13 Tours (link)

    • Each player profile page provides: (i) their biographical information; (ii) their results and stats over the last three months; (ii) a detailed breakdown for the player according to each 'Keith Elliott Golf Form Symbol'; (iv) a full comparison of the player performances in different locations, months of the year and across differing tournament strengths; and (v) links to recent online articles about them.


  • A tournament profile page for events across all 13 Tours (link)

    • Each enhanced tournament profile page provides: (i) detailed course information, a list of the last 10 winners and winning scores, weather forecast data, and pre-set head-to-head database queries for each player in the field; (ii) a full listing of all players within the field that has a local connection (country or U.S. State) to the event location, either via their birthplace, residence or college; (iii) a full statistical breakdown of the last five years of the tournament (containing sections such as the 'previous current form and course form of the top-5' for each year, the 'top-5 in each statistical category' for each year, 'hole averages' for each year, and so on); and (iv) links to recent online articles about the event.


  • Twenty-eight pre-determined database queries for the Men's and Ladies' Tours, run on databases that contain results and stats for over 10,000 events and over 4 million rounds of Tour golf since 1996 (link)

    • These involve not only queries on player's scores according to event, course or location, but also their individual event stats and there is also the option to display the database results via charts rather via tables of data.

    • There are also queries to compare two and three players in head-to-head formats and a query on how specified players have performed when in the same playing group, again with the option to display the results as charts.