To update the players in the tables, click on 'Download Existing File', edit that file, save it and click on 'Upload' to update the file on the server.
The uploaded file must be named 'OwnPlayers.xls' and in the same format as the original: surnames in column A, first names in column B, and headers in the first row.

Once the players have been updated, there is no need to generate the Current Form, Stat Form, Course Compat1, Course Compat 2 tables. Click on the 'View' links next to be these tables.
You can click on the relevant 'Generate' link and enter the details individually for course and location for the Course Form1, Course Form2, Location, Long Term Form tables
or make these selections on one page after clicking on 'Generate' next to the Ratings link.

Please remember that other users may update the Players Sheet whilst you are using this feature.

Players Sheet

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