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Player Stats - Takumi Kanaya

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Takumi Kanaya1/17/2021Sony Open in HawaiiHawaiiPGAmc7067    
Takumi Kanaya12/6/2020Nippon Series JT CupJapanJapan567706870  
Takumi Kanaya11/22/2020Dunlop Phoenix TournamentJapanJapan168666869  
Takumi Kanaya11/15/2020Taiheiyo MastersJapanJapan569706770  
Takumi Kanaya10/25/2020Zozo ChampionshipCaliforniaPGA4170676872  
Takumi Kanaya10/18/2020Japan OpenJapanJapan772696969  
Takumi Kanaya9/20/2020U.S. OpenNew YorkPGAmc7275    
Takumi Kanaya9/6/2020Fujisankei ClassicJapanJapan572716569  


Takumi Kanaya1/17/2021Sony Open in HawaiiPGAmc307.4 57.1 72.2 50.0 1.73 
Takumi Kanaya12/6/2020Nippon Series JT CupJapan6  55.41859.71762.131.703
Takumi Kanaya11/22/2020Dunlop Phoenix TournamentJapan3  57.12472.21780.021.7118
Takumi Kanaya11/15/2020Taiheiyo MastersJapan4  80.4173.6147.4291.8127
Takumi Kanaya10/25/2020Zozo ChampionshipPGA51271.96973.13577.8762.5441.7154
Takumi Kanaya10/18/2020Japan OpenJapan2  73.2265.3456.0151.7718
Takumi Kanaya9/20/2020U.S. OpenPGAmc285.9 25.0 55.6 37.5 1.80 
Takumi Kanaya9/6/2020Fujisankei ClassicJapan1  75.0668.11178.311.8028


Takumi Kanaya1/17/2021Sony Open in HawaiiPGA-0.736 -1.369 0.341 -0.975 1.245 
Takumi Kanaya12/6/2020Nippon Series JT CupJapan          
Takumi Kanaya11/22/2020Dunlop Phoenix TournamentJapan          
Takumi Kanaya11/15/2020Taiheiyo MastersJapan          
Takumi Kanaya10/25/2020Zozo ChampionshipPGA-0.35946-0.896441.52927-2.066670.93535
Takumi Kanaya10/18/2020Japan OpenJapan          
Takumi Kanaya9/20/2020U.S. OpenPGA-1.736 0.665 0.381 2.019 0.150 
Takumi Kanaya9/6/2020Fujisankei ClassicJapan          

COURSE - PGA West (Stadium)


LOCATION - California

Takumi Kanaya10/25/2020Zozo ChampionshipCaliforniaPGA4170676872  



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